Avian flu: hunting suspended in 20 municipalities in maritime Picardy

This decision follows the discovery of an outbreak of the disease at the Ferme de Beaumont, in Eu.

Following the detection of an outbreak of avian influenza at the Ferme de Beaumont, in Eu, the prefecture of Seine-Maritime issued an order to prevent the disease from spreading to other farms. Given the geographical position of the town of Eu, the measures taken also concern the department of the Somme, and in particular for hunting.

Thus, as indicated by the Fédération des chasseurs de la Somme, the hunting of waterfowl and game birds as well as the release of game birds are prohibited in 20 Samarian municipalities. These are Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle and Oust-Marest in the protection zone, three kilometers around the outbreak.

The maritime public domain included

But also Allenay, Ault, Beauchamps, Béthencourt-sur-Mer, Bourseville, Buigny-lès-Gamaches, Dargnies, Embreville, Fressenneville, Friaucourt, Friville-Escarbotin, Gamaches, Méneslies, Mers-les-Bains, Saint-Quentin- la-Motte, Tully, Woincourt and Yzengremer in the surveillance zone, ten kilometers around the outbreak. This also includes the maritime public domain of these localities.

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