Automotive market: Volkswagen, Citroën, Tesla… which brands sold the best in France in October?

It was Volkswagen that posted the best growth in October, according to La Plateforme Automobile, with a 26.65% increase in sales.

The Automotive Platform (PFA), which brings together the entire industry in France, publishes monthly data on the automotive market in France. October’s winners and losers in new passenger car sales.

The winning brands

Volkswagen is the big winner for October 2022, according to PFA. The German group saw its sales increase by 26.65% in October alone. The Volkswagen brand alone shows an increase of 45.60%. Cupra, another brand of the group, jumped 89.21% and Audi 25.63%. Another winner this October: the Toyota group. Its sales increased by 50.63%. It’s +55.15% for the Japanese brand alone. Ford is also among the winners, with sales up 52.75%. More modestly, Nissann is up 15.41% and BMW 8.08%. Finally, in the electric register, Tesla saw its sales grow by 83.21%.

The losing brands

French brands above all. The Stelantis group fell by 4.42% and Renault by 5.64%. If the Peugeot brand itself fell by 2%, Renault fell more sharply, with -10.15%. As for Citroën, it was not a good month of October either, since the brand with the chevrons also recorded a fall: -13.79%. Another loser, but with much lower volumes, Suziki saw its sales fall by 36.80%.

The national podium

French groups can console themselves by keeping the lead in terms of market share. Stellantis remains the national leader, with a 32.5% share, followed, on the second step of the podium, by the Renault group, with 25.65%. The third step is occupied by the Volkswagen group.

The electric makes a place

If thermal engine vehicles are still largely in the majority, electric and rechargeable electric vehicles are starting to make their mark. Thus, in October, sales of electric cars represented 13%. In September it was 16% and 13% in August. Sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles represented, respectively, 9%, 8% and 7%. Over the first 10 months of the year, all non-thermal engines accounted for 21% of sales.

Sales up from a year ago

According to PFA, sales of new cars for individuals represented, in October, 124,981 units. This is 5.45% more than in October 2021. If utility vehicles are added, there is a 3% increase compared to a year ago, to 153,199 vehicles. But if we compare sales since the beginning of the year (1,237,000 sales), we see that they are down 10.29% compared to the first ten months of 2021 (1,379,000 sales). And the market has still not returned to its pre-health crisis levels. It is certainly better than October 2021, but worse than October 2020 (around 170,000 sales) and October 2019 (around 190,000 sales).

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