Australian man killed by kangaroo he tamed

A 77-year-old Australian man was killed by a kangaroo he had adopted as a pet.

An Australian man was killed on Sunday at his property in Redmond, Western Australia, by a kangaroo he adopted three years ago as his pet. explains that Peter Eades was found seriously injured by a family member.

The very rural area in which the house where the tragedy took place was difficult to access, the emergency services took a long time before being able to take care of it. Before reaching the victim, they notably had to shoot the kangaroo to ensure that they could safely enter the scene. Despite their efforts, Peter Eades did not survive his injuries and died at the scene.

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The last fatal attack was in 1936

The man was known to be a nature and animal lover. He had worked as an alpaca breeder since 1997, says In 2017, he gave an interview to the Australian channel in which he recounted having installed a cemetery for each of his deceased animals. He added that he wanted to be buried himself with Claudia, his favorite alpaca, when he died.

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Although he was a regular in the wild, he could not cope with the violence of his kangaroo. These very powerful animals can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Fatal attacks are, however, very rare, the last dating back to 1936, in New South Wales. Last July a kangaroo left a 67-year-old woman with cuts and a broken leg after attacking her on a walk in Queensland. Australia is home to around 50 million kangaroos, which can weigh up to 90 kilos and reach 2 meters in height.

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