Aude – Suspicion of avian flu: the aviary of the Sigean African Reserve closed

Pending the results of the veterinary services, the aviary of the African Reserve is closed.

The aviary of the Réserve Africaine de Sigean is temporarily closed. A sign from the management of the animal park informs visitors of this, recalling the risk that the famous “Avian Influenza” poses to birds, while emphasizing that the virus is harmless to humans: “We suspect cases within the Reserve. And to protect our birds from this invisible enemy which can be carried by the soles of shoes or the wheels of vehicles, our large aviary and the path bordering the pond of the park on foot will remain temporarily closed to the public.

Deputy Prefect Rémi Récio explains the reasons, evoking a bird on the pond, next to the reserve. “We have indeed a suspicion on a pelican on the margins of the reserve. The results will be done within 48 hours. Depending on the results, we will establish a protection perimeter”. Asked about taking samples from a bird that is not housed in the reserve, he underlines “It is not surprising to take samples from birds in the surrounding area, because we have already experienced such a situation, and even if the contamination is foreign, we had, the last time, extended protection”. The results of the veterinary services could be known before 48 hours, triggering the appropriate measure sooner than expected.

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