At 60 and soon to be on the street with their old cat, Dominique and Françoise want to find “a roof and a decent life”

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Victim of several scams, the couple of artists have found refuge in Tarn-et-Garonne and call for solidarity to find accommodation. A first SOS which has so far yielded nothing.

At almost 60 years old, Françoise and Dominique have been struggling. Victims of fraud by their former landlord, the two artists left the unsanitary apartment they occupied in the suburbs of Lille to reach the South of France. Françoise – actress who notably distinguished herself as a ventriloquist on the Cauet program on NRJ for ten years – hopes to bounce back there in the pyrotechnics sector.

Arrived at the beginning of August in Montauban without savings, the couple quickly found themselves without the possibility of accommodation. Refusing to abandon their 22-year-old cat, they cannot benefit from emergency placement with 115. A feeling of injustice: “We feel despised and treated like plague victims.” Françoise and Dominique are for the time being taken in by a Caussade family. The situation is precarious, as evidenced by the actress: “We are housed in a converted truck of 2 or 3 m². It’s very basic, there is only a small bed, my husband sleeps on the ground. We take advantage showers and meals, but for us it’s very inconvenient. We don’t want to impose ourselves for too long and abuse the hospitality of this family with four children.”

“It’s all gone downhill”

A few days ago, the couple launched a call for solidarity in our columns to find accommodation. “We need help to turn around, find a home and decent living conditions. We have never had a rent problem but the difficulties have followed and everything has gone into a spin. We need a boost”, recognizes Françoise.

If the SOS has not yet borne fruit, she does not lose hope: “We received four proposals, including one from an owner in Toulouse who offered us five months’ rent for his studio. But he first had to to do work in the accommodation so we could not benefit from it immediately. We are waiting for something immediately.”

With private individuals, on campsites… The couple are looking all over the region but are concentrating their efforts in the Toulouse area, where Françoise is still waiting for a favorable response for a job. “The pyrotechnic world is a world where everything is long and complicated. You have to be patient”, underlines the artist. She and her husband therefore reiterate their “call for help”.

To help Françoise and Dominique: 06 50 51 70 52.

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