Astrology: here are the 2 signs that you should never invite to a restaurant

Stressed in front of the wine list that the server invites you to discover? Worried about not knowing how to choose the right bottle that will perfectly accompany your sweetbread on its bed of greenery? Above all, you should make sure you are well accompanied during your romantic or friendly dinners. Certain signs, it must be said, create a little discomfort in the restaurant! No need to break up or not see your friend anymore, but think carefully before planning a restaurant outing with these two signs: Taurus and Libra are by far the worst companions for gastronomic outings. You have the right to like them, but do not invite them to dinner!

Taurus and Libra, these signs with whom you should not dine at the restaurant

Taurus is known to be very difficult. Nothing is ever good enough for him. He tends to think he’s a great food critic. If you serve him a steak tartare, it will always be too cold or not seasoned enough for his taste. At dessert time, this is where he pulls out all the stops. Philippe Etchebest could well go and get dressed at Paul Bocuse, only Taurus knows how to cook a risotto. He will also be the first to order a Hawaiian pizza. Even if he feels very professional when it comes to the art of the plate, he won’t hesitate to put pineapple on his pizza, telling you that it’s done a lot in New York and that you don’t know nothing about gastronomy.

A romantic dinner that could turn tragic with these two signs!

Libras aren’t exactly nicer around the table. When you go to choose your dish, they will be able to convince you to change it. Only Libra knows what’s good for you. He will feel very proud to have made you order a roast pork while you were dreaming of salmon en papillote, on the menu of the day. Wine ? Forget ! Only he knows what will go with the roast you didn’t want. He will also tell you about the vegan heresy that he struggles to understand. According to him, man is a wolf to man and what we kill makes us stronger. Don’t try to understand everything or prove him wrong, he knows he’s right, that’s how it is. The Libra sign is a foodie and only he knows what to order or not! Still want a little restaurant with friends?

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