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Tesla Model S

The Teslas have taken a leap in perceived quality. But it is not always there, as confirmed by this Tesla Model S.

Over the years, it seems that the American brand has taken customer feedback into account and made many improvements to its cars. That’s what we noticed driving the Berlin-made Tesla Model Y Performance. However, if the quality of finish improves, that of the materials always questions. This is what Autoblog raises after having taken in hand a Tesla Model S Plaid in the United States.

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Due to a lack of press service available, our American colleagues took advantage of the online car sharing platform Turo to test the high-powered sedan. A device that also allowed us to carry out an ultra-complete and exclusive test of the Tesla Model S Long Autonomy and its Plaid variant.

A 31,000 km Tesla Model S, and an already torn steering wheel

American journalists have thus highlighted the disastrous condition of the steering wheel of this copy, which has been reserved 7 times and which displays just over 19,000 miles on the odometer, or nearly 31,000 km. We can thus discover on these images a completely torn Yoke, in the places where the hands naturally rest on this Yoke steering wheel (we recommend however to put them on the upper part).

Certainly, we could incriminate drivers who are sometimes disrespectful, or the owner who is visibly insensitive to the general condition of his car. Also, we could specify that the increasingly used disinfectant products on board our cars (Turo guests are obliged to observe a complete anti-Covid preparation before each departure) could have worn down the coating prematurely.

The fact remains that the state of decomposition of this steering wheel, which has nothing to envy to that of a 300,000 km Citroën BX, seriously raises questions for a car displayed at a price of $135,990 on its native lands. Especially since the case is not isolated, as other owners have already reported on Twitter. Or as we noticed on our test model with more than 4,200 km on the clock: the left part, probably the most used, was already particularly worn and rough.

Better quality for future models?

Also, the testers noticed that the white leather of the seats was already dirty and worn, while the materials of other elements such as the interior door handles were scratched. In addition, creaks were heard once the vehicle was in motion, somewhat echoing the percussions in the running gear during strong accelerations that we noted during our test. On the other hand, we hadn’t heard any furniture noise on this slightly cooler model.

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Remember that the Tesla Model S Plaid is on its way to Europe, priced at €138,990 here. We dare to hope that Tesla can find a solution to this problem, because the competition promises to be tough: the Mercedes EQE, Porsche Taycan, Audi e-Tron GT or future Lucid Air present materials that promise to be more robust over time.

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