Apple Car: More than 50% of Tesla owners would consider buying it

apple car iconWe have little information about the Apple Car, the leaks circulating on the internet come from people close to the project or from the patents that are regularly published by Apple to protect its technological advances. However, what we do know is that this very promising future vehicle would be fully electric, at the top of safety and comfort and would have a gigantic dose of connectivity with the rest of Apple products. All this was enough to gather the opinion of some car owners in the United States.

The Apple Car, an impressive success to come?

With the Apple Car, Apple has decided to no longer limit itself to electronic products that we use daily at home or that we put on our wrist or in our pocket when we leave home. With the Apple Car, the Cupertino company is targeting a very complicated market, but which will be a turning major in the history of the company since its creation in 1976.

A survey by the consultancy Strategic Vision approached a large number of motorists in the United States. The aim was to ask questions about trust in car manufacturers and possible acquisitions cars in the near future.
The survey results show that Apple is highly anticipated in the automotive market, although the company has not made any official announcement, many Americans are getting impatient regarding the availability of the Apple Car.

According to Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision, Apple is the third mark most considered, 26% of customers say they “would definitely consider” an Apple-branded vehicle in the future, just behind Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%), followed by Ford (21%) and Tesla (20%).

apple car

Edwards admits it, there is a spectacular infatuation towards Apple in the responses of those surveyed, the president of the consulting firm says that this should worry other automakers that are betting heavily on electric vehicles. Although it is impossible to say whether Apple will have a leading position as in the market for wireless headphones, tablets and connected watches, the company is watch carefullythis is in any case what Edwards recommends.

The study also reveals that Apple could nibble Tesla’s market share very quickly once the Apple Car becomes available. Strategic Vision took care to identify the car manufacturer of each participant in order to understand which customer would go from such company to such company. The results indicate that Tesla to Apple migrations may be far greater than previously thought. More 50% Tesla customers “would definitely consider” to buy a future Apple car.

Of course, this stat could go up or down depending on Apple’s announcement, because it’s essential that the Apple Car offers approximately the same functionalities as Tesla cars and does better, if it is a copy/paste with identical performances and functionalities, the interest of a migration from Tesla to Apple will disappear immediately.

Beyond Tesla owners, three-quarters of respondents showed caution when asked about a car that has yet to be unveiled. They opted instead for the choice “I don’t know enough”whereas 26% of respondents said they would seriously consider buying an Apple Car, 24% said they “love” it based on the rumors seen so far.

This study should please Apple Park, the many engineers and developers who have been working for more than 5 years on this amazing project. Apple’s electric and connected car could receive a warm welcome from motorists, if Apple manages to convince with a reasonable price (which is not always easy with Apple), there is a good chance that demand will be very high.

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