Anti-poaching fight, 5 people fined in the North

If the media often seizes the subject as an act of hunting, it is different from the hunting world. Hunting is regulated and supervised, poaching is an illegal and reprehensible act. Limiting these acts is one of the missions of the departmental federations of hunters. Thus, on Sunday October 9, 2022, FDC59 agents arrested and fined local figures known for regular acts of poaching. Good news.

Poaching, five people fined

The FDC59 welcomes the crackdown carried out by its federal agents. Indeed, on October 9, the agents arrested several people known for poaching. The FDC59 testifies:

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“For several years, a group of individuals had gone hunting without holding a hunting license and without worrying about the limits of the territory, or even the regulations in force. Unfortunately, several dozen real hunters were penalized by the actions of these few malicious people.

As successive complaints from local hunters could not go unanswered, our federal agents decided to take matters into their own hands. After investigation and identification work by Emilien Hennebelle, our local agent, the decision was made to put an end to the actions of this Cambrésis team. An operation involving 4 agents, namely Olivier Décoout, Jean-Luc Delcourt, Philippe Devleeschauwer and Sébastien Derache was therefore organised. However, some of the protagonists being well known to law enforcement as violent and ready for anything, precautions had to be taken. This is why the intervention took place with the collaboration of the judicial court and the support on the ground of 2 gendarmes from the Le Cateau brigade. We had to be patient, but the net finally closed on the targeted fish during the afternoon of this Sunday, October 9th. Despite a somewhat stormy arrest, since the federal vehicle was deliberately rammed by the main perpetrator of the group, 5 people were fined for hunting without a hunting license, hunting without insurance, and non-compliance with the departmental plan of hunting management.

The FDC 59 would like to congratulate the entire service of the agents for their work and their coolness and to thank the judicial court of Cambrai and the gendarmes of the brigade of Le Cateau without whom this operation could have known a less happy end. The FDC59 has obviously filed a civil action against the perpetrators harming both the image of hunting and the management and limitation efforts imposed by our territory managers.
Congratulations to all ! »

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