another reminder! This time it’s the taillights that don’t work

The Californian manufacturer will again carry out a recall in the United States. The cause: stubborn taillights on some Model 3 and Model Y.

And one more reminder for Tesla, one! This time, it is the Model 3 and Model Y produced since 2020 that are concerned. In question ? Recalcitrant rear lights, which obviously compromises the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. The recall specifically affects some 321,628 vehicles in the United States. Fortunately for owners, it will not be necessary to go back to the “garage” box insofar as the problem could be solved via a software update. At Tesla, these are done OTA (over the air), as on smartphones.

It was the Californian manufacturer who himself gave the alert to the authorities. In an email addressed to the NHTSA, the federal highway safety agency in the United States, Tesla explains that ” In rare cases, the taillights of the affected cars turn on intermittently due to a software glitch that may lead to false detections during ignition “. Tesla also specifies that only the Model 3 and Model Y produced in the United States would be affected and that to its knowledge, there have been no accidents or injuries related to this problem so far.

Lights, seat belts, windows…

If the problem with the taillights seems to be under control and in the process of being resolved, the fact remains that this is yet another recall for Tesla, which is increasing the procedures concerning the safety of its cars. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, the Californian manufacturer has multiplied massive recalls, whether for seat belt problems (800,000 vehicles concerned in February) or, more recently, for windows (1.1 million vehicles in September). Admittedly, unlike the majority of traditional manufacturers, Tesla often manages to correct these concerns thanks to updates to its system, but the fact remains that its image is tarnished with each new mishap.

Above all, until a few months ago, the group carried out this type of update without even warning its users. But since coming under increased scrutiny from NHTSA, and more specifically under investigation for alleged phantom braking, Tesla has opted to be transparent, even when the concern turns out to be minor.

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