Annecy. Thinking she was in reverse, she drove her 4×4 into the window of a restaurant

This Wednesday, September 21, the awakening was brutal for chef Nicolas Guignard of Brasserie Brunet in Annecy. Out of bed by the alarm, he was frightened to discover on the videos of his restaurant, people walking around with a flashlight. They were, in fact, police officers assessing the damage.

A few minutes earlier, around 6:45 a.m., a motorist from Annecy, parked in front of the establishment, made an unfortunate maneuver: she mistakenly believed that she had engaged the reverse gear of her automatic transmission. At the start, the 4×4 went straight into the flowerpots, the terrace and the bay window of the Brasserie Brunet. He stopped in the first part of the room.

No victims are to be deplored: the staff had not yet taken their service and the customers were not present. “Usually, there are six tables of two people on this part and on the terrace. It could have been much more serious if it had happened at noon, ”notes the partner and head of the brewery, Nicolas Guignard. The material damage, on the other hand, is substantial: wall and window to be redone, furniture to be bought.

Despite this incident, the restaurant was able to provide its lunch service. “The craftsmen including Alu multipose, Brunier bois and Florian Buchard were very responsive, they were there from 7 a.m. to pick up the debris and install a wooden panel. This allowed us to welcome customers properly and to honor reservations” confirms the chef, still shaken by the incident.

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