animal protection associations want to stop pony rides in the Tête d’Or park

Several animal protection associations are calling for pony rides to be stopped in the Tête d’Or park – Credit: PAZ.

Peta, L214, Animal Dignity… The list goes on and on.

Under the coordination of the PAZ (Paris Animals Zoopolis), more than a dozen animal protection associations, in total, are calling for the end of pony rides in the Tête d’Or park.

They explain, in a joint press release, that these walks “are attractions and turn ponies into consumer goods” and therefore harm the animal.
The associations recall that these animals need “access to grass or hay very regularly, according to the rhythm of an herbivore” and that, very often, “when the ponies are old or sick, they are very often sent to the slaughterhouse”.

The current agreement coming to an end on December 31, 2022, the associations therefore request that it not be renewed. They question the Lyon town hall, at the end of their press release. “Is it acceptable for a Town Hall to contribute to supplying shelters that are already overwhelmed? If so, would the Town Hall cover the veterinary and pension costs for the end of their life?.

We just have to wait for the municipality’s response.



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