Animal abandonment: a new obligation for future masters

In the Hauts-de-Seine, the couple shown in the TF1 report above came to collect a one-year-old cat, found on the street a few months ago and cared for by an association. At the moment, adopters like them are far too rare, compared to the number of owners who abandon their pet.“It’s exponential, it has almost doubled. Usually, we receive four to five requests per week for abandonment. There, we are more at 10, 12 now”testifies Virginie H├ęgo, president of the association The Pattoune’s Gang.

At the SPA, the refuges are almost full. This summer alone, 17,000 dogs and cats have been abandoned. According to the associations, many people would not have anticipated the cost of maintaining an animal, even more so since the rise in prices in the sector, +9% in one year for food for example.


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