Angry Tesla owners go on hunger strike over quality issues

Electric vehicles are taking Norway by storm, and the top-selling electric vehicle brand in the country is Tesla year after year. However, some owners report they experience poor customer service, and others claim they are ignored by the automaker with broken promises of returning phone calls.

Most landlord complaints aren’t really new. For example, only a few of the major issues noted are poor paint quality, rust, inability to meet battery life, failing heat pumps, door handles stuck in the cold and yellowing screensinfotainment (which Tesla told NHTSA were only intended for ” 5-6 years old ” in any event !).

Other issues can be found easily on owner forums. For example, problems with the car’s headlights, bubbling seats, water accumulating in the trunk, loose trim and reduced power. Another complaint also concerns ” the autopilot not working properly “.

A hunger strike as the last cry of alarm?

According to the group’s website, another major issue preventing owners from having their vehicles perform to their expectations relates to the customer service side of the business. Owners say they spend an inordinate amount of time waiting to speak to someone from Tesla and never get a promised call back.

The Norwegian owners believe that if they can bring the problem to the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, using social media, including starting a hunger strike, everything will be solved.

Tesla once tried to portray itself as the parent of the affordable electric car, but has since pivoted its business model to selling premium vehicles meant to compete with models like the BMW 3 Series.

Given its long list of user-reported issues, this high-end selling point seems to be unsuitable for what some owners are willing to put up with.

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