an ocelot attacks a caretaker in a zoo in Isère

One of the animals from the Domaine des fauves in Fitilieu (Isère) attacked a caretaker from the animal park on Sunday. The feline, an ocelot, was small. No details have been released on how he attacked the 21-year-old specialist. The young woman was transported to the hospital in Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère), reports France Bleu Isère.

The emergency services considered her to be a relative emergency at the time of her medical treatment. The employee was shot in the arms and legs. She suffered from wounds deemed not serious. France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes specifies that the ocelot at the origin of the injuries was a male.

He scratched and bit the victim, who had found himself stuck in the enclosure of the animal with the latter following human error. The animal then felt the presence of the caretaker as an intrusion and showed aggression to defend its territory, explained Romain Lodi, zoo animal manager.

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