An Italian Nobel Prize winner at the heart of a controversy over… cooking pasta

Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi suggested on Facebook to turn off the heat under the pan when cooking pasta to save energy. Great harm has taken him.

Energy savings, but not at any cost. In Italy, the physicist Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize winner moreover, advertised on his Facebook account a small daily gesture that saves more or less eight minutes of gas or electricity consumption. Problem, this gesture consists in extinguishing the cooking plates under the water of the sacrosanct pasta.

“As soon as the water comes to a boil, advises the supporting photo scientist, the pasta is poured in and the gas is immediately lowered to the minimum, which allows to consume as little as possible. You can also completely cut it, the pasta will still cook but, in both cases, don’t forget to leave the lid on the pan. It is he who retains the heat and allows the cooking. »

The publication, which was not intended to go beyond the borders of the scientific community on Facebook, ended up making headlines on social networks and even in the largest Italian newspapers. On Twitter, two camps have formed and fiercely opposed, while others have taken the side of ironizing about this controversy.

The starred chef Antonello Colonna was indignant in the columns of La Repubblica: “ Spaghetti becomes rubbery when the heat is turned off, cold cooking is better “. For its part, energy savings in the kitchen go more through the use of… the barbecue. “ Since the first crazy bills came in March, I put a grill in the kitchen “, he confides to the newspaper.

Another scientist came to the aid of Giorgio Parisi. “We have known for 200 years that it is not boiling water, watching it bubble, that cooks, but the temperature of the water, which transfers heat to pasta, rice or an egg “chemist Dario Bressanini told the Italian news agency ANSA, confirming the words of the Nobel Prize in Physics.


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