An incentive not to hunt the gray partridge this season

En due to poor reproduction, the Fédération des chasseurs de Haute-Loire communicates on an incentive not to hunt the gray partridge this year, the wild species of which is in low numbers on the Velay volcanic plateau.

In a press release, the Fédération des chasseurs de Haute-Loire specifies: “The volcanic plateau of Velay from Saint-Paulien to Pradelles from North to south and from Polignac to Saint Jean-Lachamp from East to West is the last sector of the department.ent where there is a population of partridges gray wild. Of these forty municipalities, thehas presence partridge is linkedand to a habitat that remains favorable thanks to the many crops of cereals or lentils as well as the management dep placeui nearly 40 years by hunters.”

500 pairs counted in the spring

Each year, hunters, coordinateds by their Federation, carry out counts in the spring to assess breeding numbers, and in summer to measure breeding quality. The year 2022 registeredvery of very mybad results. In the spring, 500 couples have been identified. In what
concerning the summer counts, they show poor reproductive success.

26 territories choose not to draw

The rate of multiplication measured is globally of the order of 1.5 (about 1300 gosurveyed waters) when he has to be 3 minimum to be able to hunt without compromising the chances of finding a livestock identical breeder the following season. The 26 territories that have signed the management contract, meeting in general assembly, have decided unanimously, in view of the results presented, not to shooter the partridges This year.

20 territories to convince not to kill the partridge

The Federation of the hunters informed by mail the 20 territories of the perimeter which do not adhere to the contract of situation management. Elthe ‘incites to follow the movement by closing or reducing as long as may, the shot partridges this season. 2022 will therefore be a year for dogs “since it is indeed shooting that is prohibited.”


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