An Asian restaurant will open in Yssingeaux in place of Sacré Papy

On Monday, October 3, the Yummy Sushi restaurant will open on Avenue de la Marne in Yssingeaux instead of Sacré Papy. It will offer Chinese, Japanese and Thai specialties.

Sacré Papy has closed its doors. Renamed this way for a year in place of the Open, the restaurant’s business was sold to a restaurateur of Chinese origin.

Pizza Soleil, Open, Sacré Papy: 3 names in ten years

Jérémy Vacher took over this business in 2011, then called Pizza Soleil. In 2014, thanks to an expansion, Pizza Soleil had become the Open. And in 2021, to close the Covid chapter, the pizza maker had transformed the Open into a Sacred Grandpa.

A sales opportunity has arisen for Jérémy Vacher who continues to hold the Terrasses de Lavalette in Lapte and to provide a catering service. He will also accompany the new manager of the Yssingeaux restaurant for a few weeks.

The manager in the kitchen and in the dining room

Sacré Papy will thus become Yummy Sushi with Lin Zheng at its head. This Chinese of origin (she comes from the city of Wenzhou in the province of Zhejing in southeastern China), aged 33, has lived in France for twenty years. She held several Asian restaurants, the last of which was in Sorbiers in the Loire. She will take care of the preparation of the sushi and will also serve in the dining room.

Open 7 days a week to start

Yummy Sushi (yummy means delicious in English) will offer Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. “I saw that there was no Asian restaurant in the area. And the restaurant is very well located. We will be able to take advantage of the 80 seats inside and 50 on the terrace.”

The opening is scheduled for Monday, October 3. Customers can enjoy an all-you-can-eat menu at €15.90 at lunchtime and €21.90 in the evening. A la carte options will be available to take away.

For the first few weeks, Yummy Sushi will be open 7 days a week before considering closing days depending on the crowd.


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