Alert, urgent product recall: these sausages must not be eaten

A new product recall has just been issued regarding the brand’s Beaufort sausages socopa, marketed throughout France. The latter pose problems, because an intruder has entered their composition. And not just any! Indeed, apparently, food would contain metal ! We explain everything about this product recall.

Product recall: sausages with Beaufort repatriated in emergency!

With all the worries that exist, we would have done well without this one. Indeed, yet another product recall revealed by the government organization, Drink reminder. One thing is certain, the latter is on the lookout and is there to protect you. Indeed, we can no longer shop carefree as in the past. Today, we scrutinize prices, anticipate shortages and check for possible product recalls. Our health takes precedence over everything else. In any case, every day a new product recall is announced and the list is far from short. Discover the youngest who completes the list!

What product is affected by the product recall?

The site asks us to be extremely vigilant with this new product recall. Indeed, the organization warns us that Beaufort sausages from the Socopa brand are dangerous. Apparently the products may contain metal. An unexpected guest that we don’t want to enter our body!

For information, these Beaufort sausages have been sold between September 23 and October 8, 2022 in several brands throughout France. Indeed, we can mention Auchan, Leclerc, Intermarché, Super U, Franprix and Houra. The packaging is brown in color with four pre-cooked sausages. The batch number affected by the metal issue is 26186921 (320 g). Its expiry date is displayed between October 20 and October 27, 2022. Finally, the health mark is FR 74.042.001 CE. So you really have all the information to protect yourself. So, as usual, you must not consume the product and bring it back to the store for a refund. Here is the post below:

Other product issues with E.Coli bacteria

Alas, this is far from the only product recall circulating at the moment. Indeed, we have come across unbranded chicken thighs marketed at Leclerc in Sainte-Eulalie in Gironde. Then, we also remember the problems on dairy products last September. Several items have been the subject of a product recall, namely Candia milk due to a sealing problem of the safety seal. But also, raclette cheese and Petit Pont l’Évêque AOP.

The concern was not the metal, but the E.Coli bacteria which can be very dangerous. In fact, you risk poisoning with multiple symptoms : gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. Be aware that symptoms can occur up to 3 days after consumption. If so, contact your doctor.

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