Alarming situation at the Montpellier SPA: “I’ve never seen that”, says the director

With 450 residents for 400 places and new abused dogs expected by court order, the Montpellier shelter is reaching saturation point. Annie Benezech launches an appeal.

“It’s simple, I’ve been at the shelter since 2000 and in 22 years, I’ve never seen this!” The director of the shelter of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Montpellier does not go overboard: the situation is becoming “alarming”.

To support her words, Annie Benezech could be satisfied with two figures: “We have 400 places and currently 450 boarders”. But these will still evolve in the coming days. “We know that justice should entrust us with fifteen hunting dogs mistreated by their owner near Béziers; they could arrive next week”. Good news for these animals who suffer from malnutrition and live in conditions deemed degrading by the competent services, but which will make the situation of the shelter worse. Hence this call for mobilization in September, which never happened.

Adoptions: -20% in one year

“Usually, we launch a campaign before the summer, which is always a critical period. But this year, we are suffering the consequences of a sharp drop in adoptions, which no longer allows us to manage the flows between exits and entries. including during this back-to-school period”. She estimates a 20% drop in these adoptions compared to last year. “And already, 2021 was not a good year”. No concrete explanation for this observation, “perhaps the gloomy period which does not encourage people to embark on life projects with an animal or inflation which pushes to tighten expenses”, suggests Annie Benezech. There was also a wave of adoptions after the confinements, which subsequently led to a series of abandonments.

No euthanasia

Whatever the reasons, the refuge is full and is now at an impasse. “We refuse to have recourse to euthanasia to free boxes. But the situation, beyond not having any more room for maneuver to welcome new residents, causes several difficulties: we lack volunteers to pamper all these dogs and cats and our expenses are always more important”.

Adoptions, donations, volunteers

The Montpellier SPA, which is not the only one in this situation – every year we deplore 100,000 abandoned dogs and cats in France – therefore launches three calls at the same time: “Adoptions, donations and volunteers”. In order to help in its own way these animals who “didn’t ask anyone for anything”. Otherwise a few hugs and caresses.

The refuge (located RD 185, Carré du Roi in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone) is open seven days a week from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Such. 04 67 27 73 78. See some of the dogs and cats up for adoption on the shelter’s website

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