Ain. First three cases of bird flu detected in wild animals

A greylag goose in Saint-Nizier-le-Désert, a heron in Saint-Paul-de-Varax and a swan in Chalamont have contracted the avian influenza virus (or bird flu), according to a statement from the prefecture that fell this Friday, September 9.

These are “the first cases highlighted in wildlife in Ain since last January”, it is specified.

Already more than 14,000 poultry slaughtered in recent days

The information confirms the circulation of the virus at the moment in the department, while two farms have been affected in the past two weeks. The first, on August 26, already in Saint-Nizier-le-désert, led to the slaughter of 10,600 ducks, i.e. all the animals on the farm. The second, between Saint-Paul-de-Varax and still Saint-Nizier-le-Désert and of which nearly 4,000 poultry were slaughtered on Friday September 2.

The prefecture recalls that the protection and surveillance measures put in place around the two farms are unchanged.


The prefect of Ain recalls the absolute necessity of respecting all biosecurity measures, which can be consulted at the following address: professional-operators-and-individuals

The discovery of dead wild birds must be declared to the Sagir surveillance network:

– Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays – departmental federation of Ain hunters:

– Tuesdays, Fridays, weekends and public holidays – French Biodiversity Office – Ain departmental service:

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