Ain. Finalists of Beijing Express, Fanny and Jérémy are committed to the animal cause

They made the 15th season finale of Beijing Express and today, Fanny and Jérémy embarked on a new challenge. “Towards the end of the broadcast of Beijing Express, we were contacted by the GlobeDreamers agency, helping to find funding for eco-responsible projects. They wanted to know what touched us the most: us, it’s the animal cause. We were offered to go film endangered animals in the world, to make videos and make a series. »

“We would like to produce three reports a year”

While waiting to find someone who will buy them all the episodes, the couple set off and set up their association Lycaon Electrik, in order to raise funds.

Fanny explains: “One of our favorite animals is the endangered wild dog. It has features that we liked: solidarity, a unique coat… Our logo is inspired by it, with a nod to our favorite series. The first film will be about wild dogs. Each time there will be a new animal species. Wild dogs, then corals… then maybe lemurs. This is a very long term project. Ideally, we would like to produce three reports per year. »

The agency helps them to find associations on the spot, to organize the trip, they will “only have to film, to take care of what we like, the photos and the videos”.

Extreme working conditions, but these Beijing Express regulars have shown that they know how to deal with it: “We think we will stay there for three weeks, it will depend on the species, the corals move less than the wild dogs. »

The objectives are numerous: to produce a professional report, to raise awareness of the animal cause, to raise funds for regional preservation work and to discover the associative ecosystem around the animal. For this, the couple will leave with material, will publish on the spot, will take care of the editing sometimes live: “To integrate the spectators into the project, that they see the off, and also so that those who want to see us again . The idea is to find our paw, that we are recognized immediately. »

“It is at the same time a link, it is thanks to Beijing Express that we became known. We made 10,000 terminals in four different countries. The beginning… we couldn’t be more lost in the world. So, there, three weeks of absence, it’s much less than for the show. And then my birthday will be over. New age, new life,” concludes Fanny mischievously.

Fanny and Jérémy should go to Africa in November to film the wild dogs. Donations (some with rewards) are possible on their website:; YouTube channel:

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