After the tragic disappearance of his son, chef Yannick Alléno creates an association to help victims

The famous chef Yannick Alléno has just officially launched an association that bears the name of his son Antoine, who died tragically on May 8 at the age of 24 after being hit by a driver.

Making the greatest distress, the loss of his child, a strength to keep moving forward is the path that Yannick Alléno chose not to forget his son Antoine, who died suddenly on May 8, 2022. With his loved ones, the chef three Michelin macaroons, officially launched this Tuesday, September 20, the Antoine Alléno association, the aim of which is to help parents who share the same tragedies.

A difficult dehumanization to live with

In a long post on Instagram, the chef explains his approach. “After the loss of Antoine, my loved ones and I discovered an unknown, brutal world, marked by a dehumanization that was difficult to live with. We very quickly asked ourselves how we could support the victims of fatal acts of violence and their families” he confides.

“This association is for us the most effective way to pay tribute to our son, because it was his nature to help others. We therefore decided to transform our pain into a force for positive action by creating the Association that bears Antoine’s name: the “Antoine Alléno” Association We want to offer victims under 25 and their families all the moral, psychological and financial support they need and let them know that ‘they are no longer alone’, he details.

Offer moral, psychological and financial support

The leader continues: “I want this association to contribute to the construction of a better world in which our young people, who are fighting to build their lives, are preserved. I want to prevent our young people from tragically disappearing in conditions that should never have happened “.

His older brother Thomas also confided: “Antoine, my little brother, was taken from us without warning at the age of 24. Since his disappearance, I have preferred to stay in the background, perhaps out of modesty, but above all to invest myself entirely in the benefit of this association in his memory. Together, as a family, as we liked to do, we set up this project which defends a fight which, I know, would make him very proud and correspond to him”.

Antoine Alléno, a promising young cook, was stopped at a red light on a scooter, when he was violently hit by a driver. The latter, aged 25, had just stolen an Audi RS6 in front of a restaurant in the capital, and fled at the time of the incident before being arrested. He was wanted for a prison sentence to be served and for drunk driving. He was indicted for “aggravated homicide and involuntary injuries” and was placed in detention. The scooter passenger was also injured.

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