after the ransacking of the Espacio Piscina in Auxerre on the sidelines of AJA-OM, the boss “does not take off”

The boss of the Espacio Piscina has just been heard by the police. Yesterday, his restaurant located near the Abbé-Deschamps stadium was ransacked during a clash between ultra Marseille and Auxerre supporters. The scientific police are on the spot.

A clash between rival supporters in a crowded restaurant at lunchtime: how could such events have happened, when the match was supposed to be under surveillance? This is the question posed by Dimitri Quillin, the boss of the Espacio Piscina. This Saturday, a few hours before AJ Auxerre-OM kicked off at the Abbé-Deschamps stadium, the terrace of his restaurant was ransacked during a fight between ultra Marseille and Auxerre supporters. We contacted him on Saturday afternoon (testimony to read here), and went back to see him this Sunday, the day after the events.

We really avoided a tragedy, it could have been much more serious. This morning, I came back, I drank coffee all alone on the terrace and I saw again these images of the people sealed off, hidden in the rooms inside the restaurant“, says the boss. At the time of the confrontation, 120 people were seated, including families and children.

“You have to play down because it was only material in the end, but we could have had a death or two, sincerely.”

This morning, Dimitri Quillin”don’t get angry“. He accuses the authorities of having done nothing to prevent this confrontation, which according to him involved between 150 and 200 Marseille ultras and around thirty Auxerre ultras who prevented them from entering the restaurant. He explains that he heard rumors, at midday, saying that Marseillais were coming “to figure it out“. He then called the police, who told him that no one could be mobilized.”It is not possible that the police did not come to help us knowing that 1h30 before the fight, I had called the police station to warn!

Yesterday evening, the prefecture of Yonne, contacted by France 3, did not respond directly to this accusation but confirmed that “scuffles took place at 2:30 p.m. near the stadium between the two supporters’ clubs” and “IThe intervention of the security forces made it possible to restore calm a few minutes after the incident”.

I saw this press release in which the prefecture is trying to protect itself by all means, and I can understand it“, reacts Dimitri Quillin this Sunday.

“But to say: ‘Calm has returned thanks to the intervention of the police’, it’s totally false! We have no right to say that.”

I have dozens of witnesses. We have seen that the problem was handled only by my clients. We were left in total insecurity.

This Sunday morning, the technical and scientific police were on site to make findings and take samples. Traces of blood were notably found on the glass panel of the restaurant menu.

The restaurateur must see his insurer on Monday. The material damage is substantial. “My waitresses and my chef are traumatized, I don’t think they will be able to go back to work this Monday or maybe even this week. We’re going to sit down, take the time to discuss all together. However, I have no more dishes.

Indeed, the restaurateur explained yesterday that the ultras from Auxerre had used the plates, glasses, forks, to “repel“the ultras of the opposing camp.

“I am missing three quarters of my terrace, there is cleaning to be done everywhere, the signs are broken. There is big big damage.”

The boss hopes that this event “will serve as an example”. “Never again! It is absolutely necessary that we secure in the future, when there will be other big matches.“He says in particular that he found on his terrace a chair belonging to the Stades bar, 300 meters from the Espacio Piscina.”How could this chair have made it to my restaurant without the person being arrested?

“How could we not see someone walking around with a chair to swing it on my bar 300 meters away? It’s absurd.”

Recontacted this Sunday morning, the prefecture repeats that “the security forces positioned in the security perimeter intervened quickly and restored calm a few minutes after the start of the disturbance. The prefect strongly condemns the violence committed by the supporters.” She adds that the Ligue 1 match went well, with no other incidents to report.

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