After oil and mustard, this staple food is at risk of shortage

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Shortages continue in France and every day new products are added to the list. A daily food, essential for many French people, is also likely to be lacking. Here is which one.

You are not unaware that shortages and inflation have been punctuating the daily life of the French for several weeks now. If the lack of gasoline occupies the news, food is also a worrying subject. Because yes, economic problems have a direct impact on our plates. Our diet is changing. Recently, shopping has become a real challenge. Many products are beginning to desert supermarket shelves. If by some miracle, we manage to find sunflower or mustard oil, their exorbitant price makes us give up the purchase. In addition, some condiments are now selling at exorbitant prices. This is the case for example with mustard, since the unit pot sometimes costs up to 50 euros on the Internet. A phenomenon that can be explained by several factors such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict but also the increase in the price of raw materials such as oil and gas. All this has only accentuated the situation since agriculture is very dependent on it. The rise in the cost of packaging (glass and paper) and energy has an impact on production costs. Similarly, transport logistics only made the situation worse. Results ? As you will have understood, the shortages continue to…

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