After finding a rodent in her burger, a customer files a complaint against Quick

In another tweet, she added: No, I did not cause a scandal in the Quick de St Sever, since it was an Uber order”. Faced with this publication, the company simply replied: “Hello, we sincerely regret this incident, can you tell us more in DM? Thank you”, before publishing on its site a press release to apologize: “ On Sunday October 2, 2022, a consumer alerted us on social media after discovering a foreign body in her order, which she identified as a mouse. […] We apologize to the customer who alerted us and more generally to all customers of our restaurants, ”reported France 3.

The client filed a complaint

According to this media, the group claimed to have hired “ in-depth investigation » and that an internal investigation concludes to think that “ this foreign body comes from green salads”. Management says it took three actions in response to the accident: destruction of all batches of lettuces likely to be concerned”, the “ reinforcement of the verification protocol and control measures for salads in all restaurants”, the “ asks all of our salad suppliers to intensify control processes at all levels of production”. The client indicated on Twitter that she had filed a complaint and assured France 3 that she had initiated legal proceedings with a lawyer.

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