Adrien is annoyed by Marine El Himer

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– Posted on 09 Sep 2022 at 22:11

In the episode of the Fifty of September 9, 2022, an argument broke out between Adrien and Marine El Himer. It all started after a reflection by Melanight. Full details here.

The adventure of the Fifty began a few days ago and there are already connections. This is the case of Marwa and Greg who have just become a couple. For his part, Julien Bert is a little lost with all these pretty girls. He likes Océane El Himer, his ex, but also Mélanie Dédigama. And against all odds, it was Cynthia that Julien Bert approached in the middle of the night. But the two W9 candidates say there was nothing except a hug and a kiss on the cheek. For her part, Marine El Himer found Adrien. During the filming of Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5, they got very close, but never got over it!

In the episode of the Fifty of September 9, 2022, Marine El Himer and Adrien never left each other. The lion had organized an evening in the garden and the two young people took the opportunity to isolate themselves and discuss. And between them, there is clearly an attraction. But Mélanie Dédigama dropped a bombshell on Marine. She let him know that Melyssa liked Adrien. Neither one nor two, Marine goes to see her to discuss it. Melyssa assumes that she finds him handsome, but in no case will she interfere in their relationship. From there, Melanight swings a small tackle saying that their story will only last a few days. She is sure that Marine will very quickly leave Adrien… as usual!

Marine El Himer is disappointed with Adrien

Not having appreciated Melanight’s remark, Marine El Himer does not fail to let him know. An argument then breaks out between the two young women who are not friends at all. And Marine quickly regretted Adrien’s lack of reaction. She would have liked him to defend her against Melanight. This is what she reproached him for in Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5. But Adrien clearly has no intention of being Marine El Himer’s bodyguard and watchdog.. And if that’s what she’s looking for in their relationship, she can forget about it!

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