Abandonment of animals: this new motif that saturates the refuges of the SPA

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) is facing a massive influx of furry animals in its 63 shelters. Between May and August alone, more than 16,400 cats, dogs and other rodents had to be collected. As a result, the shelters are saturated: in that of Montpellier that TF1 visits in the report above, there are 450 animals for 400 places. An unprecedented situation partly due to a new reason for abandonment that has emerged recently: the cost of a pet.

The director of the shelter thus shows a dog in its cage: “He is 11 years old, people brought him back to us because they have no more money and cannot support him“, she assures. At the same time, the SPA deplores a drop in adoptions, quantified here at minus 30%. “People wonder if it’s reasonable to take an animal when we ourselves don’t know how we’re going to be able to finish the month”explains Annie Benezech.


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