A woman is stunned to discover Elvis’ face in the bottom of her ketchup jar at McDonald’s

A 27-year-old Briton has been in shock since spotting the King’s silhouette in the delicious tomato condiment.

It was during a Big Mac attack in the company of her partner Dean that Lisa Ringsell experienced the fateful moment when the face of Elvis Presley appeared in the ketchup.

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“I was just dipping my McCroquettes in ketchup, and at the end I saw a little face staring at me that looked like Elvis. I looked at the pot wondering if there was enough sauce to dip my nugget again, and that’s when I saw it, ”the young woman told English media.

“I said to Dean ‘That looks like Elvis’, took the picture right away and showed it to some friends. They found it funny. They could see the resemblance too. It’s something I won’t forget for a long time. My mother is an Elvis fan, so she loved it, ”said the one who obviously has the gift of watching her food before eating it.

This, of course, isn’t the first time people have seen a celebrity’s face in food.

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The long list of these gastronomic mysteries includes among others the face of Rocky Balboa which appeared in hot pot, the face of Freddie Mercury which appeared on a pork chop, the face of Jesus which appeared on a potato chip, and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” which appeared in tomato soup.

We could have added the face of Denis Coderre which appeared on the kneecaps of a lady, but human kneecaps are not, until proven otherwise, food.

However, all this does not explain the biggest mystery of this story, in our opinion.

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Why would this woman dip her McCroquette in ketchup, when there are a whole host of delicious sauces that are quite appropriate?

Like, honey.


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