A woman frightened by crossing an animal in the middle of nature realizes that it is a dog and does everything possible to rescue it

The Cleveland National Forest in San Diego in the United States is populated by many wildlife, including lynx and bears. So when a woman met a pair of eyes during a walk, she stopped short. But it was not a dangerous beast…

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A nature-loving woman was hiking in the National Forest of Cleveland when she realized that she was being watched from the top of a hill.

If during the first seconds she was panicked, she quickly understood that she was in no danger.

“She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He was a dog”said the lifeguard Suzette Hall at The Dodo.

The Good Samaritan wanted to help him, but the canine would not allow himself to be approached and hid behind the slope of the path. So she installed a makeshift bowl filled with delicacies in the hope that the pooch would take an interest in it.

“The dog climbed the slope and ate”clarified Suzette.

The great means

The rescuer quickly understood that she could not succeed in her mission alone. So she called for help Suzette who moved with a cage trap.

The 2 women hoped that the dog would return there to feed. They would then only have to take him to safety.

Fortunately, the next morning, they indeed discovered the unfortunate man with a full belly in the trap.

“He made us feel very welcome. He was affectionate and sociable after all.has explained Suzette who hastened to lead him to his refuge.

By scanning the canid in the hope that it would be identified, the members of the association were taken aback. It turned out that his name was trekker and that he was adopted just 4 days before he was first seen up the hill.

Its new owners had chosen it to abandon it again.

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trekker recovered for a while in a foster home and then met a couple who fell under his spell.

It was mutual love at first sight! Since, trekking enjoys his best life, surrounded by love and congeners.


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