A special Uber class for Tesla and luxury electrics

Will powerful electric cars represent the top of the range on transport applications like Uber? This is what the American giant of services with drivers wants.

It is already not so rare to see a Tesla Model 3 arrive when you order an Uber driver or a taxi in France. There are already many professionals in the field who have chosen to use Elon Musk brand vehicles to move their customers.

But in the United States, the giant Uber goes even further: it has just inaugurated a category specially reserved for drivers driving luxury electric cars. The “Comfort Electric” category, already open in California cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego, exclusively brings together models from the Tesla and Polestar brands.

The top of automotive comfort?

It must be admitted that these electric models offer an excellent level of comfort and very good habitability. This category could be opened in the medium term almost everywhere in the world, including in France, but remember that the Polestar brand is still not currently marketed in our country.

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