A sick senior dog tastes happiness again after 7 failed adoptions

Martin lived through several disappointments before finding a loving family and leaving the shelter. This dog full of qualities was served by his age and illness, but a post on social networks gave him the chance he was waiting for.

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A senior dog finally got to experience his new home after a stay at the shelter and more than one aborted adoption, reports The Dodo.

Martin had arrived at the refuge of the SPCA of the county of Wakelocated at Garner in North Carolina when he was 10 years old. His 89-year-old owner hadn’t taken him there lightly; he was no longer able to take care of the quadruped and ” wanted a better life for him “, according to Samantha Ranletresponsible for the association.

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“A Teddy Bear Face”

The canine quickly adapted to life at the shelter, although he obviously deserved much better than that. All the staff fell under the spell of this dog with a gentle and pleasant temperament. ” I don’t know if he understood what was going on, but from day one he was just this happy, easy-going, really nice old guy with a teddy bear face. “, indeed explains Samantha Ranlet.

His chances of finding a new family, however, were compromised by his age and illness. He had heartworm disease, heartworm disease.

In 2 months, he had 7 failed adoptions. To the SPCA of the county of Wake, however, we refused to give up. On August 22, the association shared its story on its page Facebook. The post quickly went viral and adoption requests poured in.

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Martin almost adopted and on the road to recovery

It is that of a couple who have already had senior dogs and are not at all afraid of the health concerns of Martin which was ultimately accepted.

The adorable animal has thus discovered its new home. Since then, he has only left her on weekends to return to the shelter where he receives his heartworm treatment. Care that will last a few more weeks. Once these are completed, its adoption can be formalized.


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