A Seynoise launches a petition to create a sanctuary for hedgehogs in the Var

For many years, animal populations have suffered from human activity in France: one out of three mammal species is threatened or almost threatened.

Among these, one of them, covered with quills to which we lead a particularly hard life: the hedgehog. A Seynoise, involved in the rescue of these small animals and representative of SOS Hérissons Var, has therefore chosen to act.

Indeed, she created a petition to “Madame the Minister of Ecology”, for the creation of a refuge for Var hedgehogs. Available on mesopinions.com, the request already has more than 3,400 signatures.

The hedgehog, which has existed for 15 million years, has seen its population drop by 70% in 20 years on our territory, estimated Philippe Jourde on France Télévisions.

A glaring lack of data on the species

In France, the animal has been protected since 1981. However, the state of health of this species is not a certainty. It is indeed classified as “least concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The majority of scientific studies measuring the state of health of the hedgehog population have been carried out in the United Kingdom: data are therefore sorely lacking in France.

This is why the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), with the help of the competence center of the National Museum of Natural History, is working on a survey carried out thanks to individuals to find out the situation of the hedgehog in France.

This action is called The Hedgehog Mission and is accessible to everyone.

No refuge in the Var

Transformation of their natural habitat, use of agricultural pesticides, parasites, diseases, blows… Hedgehogs suffer from human presence and the situation in our department is alarming. As the Seynoise from SOS Hérissons Var explains, these mammals “continue to be decimated from year to year in this department without any refuge”.

The Var temperatures are too high and we have observed for several years that hedgehogs hibernate less and less.

If there are many refuges in the north of France, there is almost no sanctuary to house the mammal in the Var. However, when we know that a baby hedgehog needs to be fed every three hours for it to survive, the presence of this type of structure is essential for the survival of the species.


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