a restaurateur is looking for apartments to rent for his employees

“Agencies or individuals, if you have properties to offer, we will be able to be very responsive”, implores the announcement. “Don’t worry, we’re not talking about flatshares, where our employees live on top of each other, we love them too much for that! Here we are talking about individual housing, T1, T2 or T3 in which it is good to live there”.

Within four days, the initiative, shared 350 times on Facebook and hailed in the comments, had already begun to bear fruit. “We have had a lot of feedback,” said manager Raphaël Jannel on Tuesday August 30. Offers of all kinds: seasonal rentals, rentals from September to June, a phenomenon decried in the Basque Country for the tension and overbidding it causes on the market, but also year-round rentals which provide stability.

“We believe that we have a social support function”

” In nature “

Following this call and the steps he took with real estate agencies, Raphaël Jannel had already signed three leases in Capbreton at the end of August. Contracts taken out in his name, for accommodation that he offers turnkey to his employees: furnished, rent and charges paid. “The idea is that we take care of everything, so that outside of work, the rest of their time is leisure. The only constraint for them is that they have a benefit in kind on the payslip, they lose 90 euros. But when you compare it with the price of rent…”, emphasizes Raphaël Jannel.

The initiative also makes it a winner in these times of labor shortage, since housing is linked to the employment contract: “We believe that we have a social support function and at the same time, that allows us to keep our employees”, he agrees.

A dozen of the fifty Jack’s Burger team members, whose average age is around 25, have already applied for this housing assistance. “I am in the center of Capbreton, with the beaches fifteen minutes away, it’s idyllic”, testifies Taïlo, 20, from Franche-Comté, on fixed-term contract “at his request”, and among the first to benefit from the device. .

In April, when the season arrives, the manager will also be able to count on the house for seasonal workers that he had built in Angresse. There is more to the ideas…

In the kitchens of Jack's Burger in Hossegor, in the Pédebert area.

In the kitchens of Jack’s Burger in Hossegor, in the Pédebert area.

Philippe Salvat / South West

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