A raptor undergoes a security check before boarding the plane

Rather unusual security check, this Thursday, for agents at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, in North Carolina (United States). Accompanied by his master, a bald eagle, emblem of the United States, had to show his credentials to be able to board and return home to Saint-Louis (Missouri), reports CNN.

A “flying ambassador”

“Our special guest was Clark from World Bird Sanctuary. He had decided to give his wings a little break. His airline informed us and we checked him and his handler. Clark is even trained to spread his wings,” the TSA, the US National Transportation Security Agency, tweeted. The raptor had just taken part in a graduation ceremony at High Point University, where it flew over the heads of 1,600 students.

The bird was born with malformations in the legs which means that it has never been able to live in freedom. He lives in a sanctuary, the World Bird Sanctuary, which treats injured birds and houses those who cannot survive in the wild. Clark has become a “flying ambassador”. He travels across the United States to fly at sporting or university events, in particular.

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