A puppy beaten by its owner back in the hands of the one who “could have killed it”?

She is only three months old, but has already experienced the worst: a fracture in the right tibia, bruises, anemia and some abnormalities following numerous traumas.

What would have become of this Staffordshire Bull-Terrier dog if the violence that her owner inflicted on her in the parking lot of the Géant Casino, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, had not been filmed by video surveillance cameras, and stopped by municipal police officers? Will it return to the hands of the one who”could have killed her” last Wednesday?

The members of the association Au Service des Animaux (ASA 06) and Sébastien Leroy, mayor of Mandelieu-la-Napoule, refuse that his “executioner”, a Dane on holiday on the Côte d’Azur, can recover this “little chip” – currently supported by ASA 06 volunteers.

And for good reason, the individual, placed in police custody at the end of his violent act, “just received a ticket for abuse”explains a source familiar with the matter.

“Don’t stop there”

No exercise”serious abuse or committing an act of cruelty to a domestic animal” was not held against him. There is currently no ban on owning a dog.

“I am outraged by this decision which once again demonstrates the total disconnection of certain magistrates from the real world”, reacted Sébastien Leroy in a message posted on Facebook.

The chosen one therefore decided “not to stop there”and wish “initiate all actions and procedures necessary to ensure the protection of this puppy against the actions of this miserable detritus of humanity”.

On judicial requisition, only the Grasse prosecutor’s office can then decide the fate of this dog.

Especially since this ball of fur would not have been a victim “with a simple stroke of madness”says Cécilia Fruleux, director of ASA 06.

Fractured leg

“When we picked her up, after being hit in the parking lot, her leg had been broken for at least ten days. However, her owner bought her for 6,000 euros from a Hungarian platform three weeks ago. “

Could he be the cause of this injury? Either way, the animal must stay”immobilized for a month”, she explains, in order to be able to recover. “There’s no way she’s traveling with braces in her leg.”

“There’s no way we’re taking the risk that she’ll be killed sooner or later.”


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