A new market dismantled on the sly, two tons of food seized

Friday, a new street market of fruits and vegetables was dismantled, in the district of Paillade, in Montpellier (Hérault). National and municipal police seized two tons of foodstuffs. They were donated to the Food Bank.

Since the summer of 2020, wild markets have been dismantled in the neighborhood: people unload their boxes in the street, and sell their products at knockdown prices. “Regular merchants in the neighborhood are harmed by this wild market, which, moreover, produces mountains of waste,” explains the municipal police.

For the merchants of the district, who denounce “unfair competition”, these markets are a “catastrophe”, had entrusted to 20 minutes, in September 2020, a market gardener from Les Halles. “They sometimes have more people outside than us inside,” he lamented. We can’t imagine, if we don’t see it, the number of people who buy on these wild markets… We pay rents, utilities. I had an employee on weekends, unfortunately I had to stop her. »

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