a new gastronomic and 100% vegetarian restaurant in a street food version

The new restaurant is located at 24 rue Ferrandière in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon – DR

“Culina In Via” is the name of a new restaurant which will open on September 15 at 24 rue Ferrandière in the 2nd arrondissement.

It offers top-of-the-range vegetarian gastronomy but accessible in a street food version. This restaurant is the third project of Thomas Bouanich, who opened his first establishment “Victoire et Thomas” in 2017, then “Culina Hortus” in 2018. It is in the continuity of this last project that “Culina In Via “. Vegetarian sandwiches cooked with accompaniments and recipes that will evolve with the seasons and desires, that’s what awaits customers.

In terms of recipes, the restaurant offers as a base a celery from the region, roasted for 12 hours on a spit, decorated with roasted garlic mayonnaise, fresh cheese, herbs and yuzu, homemade harissa, baby spinach, crunchy vegetables and spring onion or with smoked Scamorza. Or a piperade, fresh cheese with Espelette pepper, chickpea salad with herbs and lemon, arugula and parsley mixture, pepper coulis.

As accompaniments Thomas Bouanich offers quinoa with herbs and citrus fruits, crunchy vegetables, creamy guacamole, with a mixture of flowers and herbs. The creek becomes a grated potato with herbs, Sarasson (fresh cheese from Forez with garlic and fine herbs) are available, among others.

“Culina In Via” at 24 rue Ferrandière, 69002 Lyon. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. from September 15. On site or to take away.



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