A mysterious shark discovered in Australia

One could say that he has very beautiful eyes, but his protruding jaws, à la Alien, somewhat spoil the face of the fish brought back by the fisherman Trapman Bermagui. The latter posted the photo on his Facebook account on September 12, explaining that he had captured this deep-sea shark at a depth of 650 meters off Sydney, Australia.

He describes him as having rough skin and a very pointed nose and he considers him to be a centrophorus moluccensis, a shagreen shark. “These sharks are common at depths beyond 600 meters and we catch them rather in winter usually,” he explained to “News week”. On its publication Facebook, some commentators saw it as a ferocious shark.

The associate director of the University of Florida Marine Laboratory thinks the animal is a centroscymnus owstoni, a rough-skinned fruit bat. But “Newsweek” also showed the photo to the director of the University of California’s shark lab who leans towards a deep-sea kite shark. It looks like it, but he adds that it could just as well be a new species of shark, since we often discover them.

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