a mountain biker bitten by guard dogs, a complaint filed

The Briançonnaise was walking on a marked path with her dog, in Champcella, when the accident took place.

“I am not an isolated case”. Still shocked, Nastasia has a lot on her heart and wants to express them publicly. Thursday, while she is riding a mountain bike with her dog in the hamlet of Ponteil in the town of Champcella (Hautes-Alpes), this Briançonnaise comes across a herd of sheep that are not penned.

“There were about two hundred of them. There were two of us and my dog ​​nearby on a communal path, marked out by the FFC (French Cycling Federation). This path is very popular with hikers and mountain bikers since it allows you to reach Réotier by Ponteil”, Nastasia told BFM DICI. As the herd approached, the situation escalated.

“I am a veterinarian, so I know the rules well. I got off my bike. But guard dogs, Anatolian Shepherds or similar, threw themselves on my dog ​​Glue. Trying to separate them, I been bitten on the hand”, recalls the Briançonnaise.

“Cohabitation is difficult”

Result: a fracture at the level of the shoulder for Glue and a visit to the emergency room of Briançon this Sunday for Nastasia who had her hand infected.

“The shepherdess ended up intervening and copiously insulted us, shouting that we shouldn’t be there. We were on a communal road, 300 meters from the houses”, continues the mountain biker.

Before adding: “Some breeders but also the mayors must take their responsibilities. It is not normal that we can no longer walk around safely.” She decided to file a complaint online.

For his part, the mayor of Champcella feels a little helpless. “I invite the shepherds to do pedagogy. To put up signs. I myself went to the gendarmerie to bring up facts that were reported to me by my constituents” explains Jacques Pons to BFM DICI.

“It’s a municipal road but the plots around it are private. And not all of them are closed. Cohabitation is therefore difficult but at my level, I do my best to avoid accidents”, ends the mayor.

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