A McDonald’s employee threatened with a knife by a customer who did not want to pay

The employee of a McDonald’s restaurant was threatened with a knife on the night of Friday to Saturday in Trélissac (Dordogne), near Périgueux. The customer in question was quickly arrested after the fact; reports South West.

Shortly after midnight, a man entered the fast food restaurant to collect his order. But when settling, not wishing to pay, he brandished a knife and threatened the employee to give him his meal. The victim complied and then alerted the police, while the attacker had fled by car.

The knife found in the car

Thanks to the description given by the employee of the establishment and by the witnesses, the police quickly identified and located the suspect. He was already known to law enforcement.

The man was arrested only thirty minutes after the events in the establishment. In the door of the vehicle, the police found the famous knife. The suspect was taken into custody.

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