A man scratches a Tesla and is filmed by the cameras

A Singaporean man, who was either mischievous or envious or both, used his key to scratching a Tesla parked in a Clementi parking lot. Except he obviously didn’t know how the Tesla Model 3’s cameras work.

Unbeknownst to him, this act of vandalism was filmed by one of the cameras mounted on the Tesla Model 3, presented as a state-of-the-art surveillance machine as part of its Electric Car of Tomorrow marketing material.

What the video shows


A video showing the man in flagrante delicto has also been published on Facebook on March 6th. In addition to having acted badly, his behavior is displayed on social networks and exposed to public condemnation… And it’s well done!

In the images, the man in blue, masked and holding plastic bags containing items in his left hand, is seen walking in front of the Tesla before approaching the driver’s side of the car.

Damage suffered

In one fluid motion, he scraped the entire length of the driver’s side of the car with a wrench in his right hand. Suddenly, all of a sudden, not even the time to say phew! Then, he finished the job by shoving the key into the side of the car when he got to the back.

There is no possible doubt when you watch the video, this act of vandalism, if not perhaps to have been premeditated, was well and truly wanted… The whole act lasted about 5 seconds. Fortunately, therefore, it was filmed because otherwise there would be no proof!

However, the damage to the Tesla Model 3 was found to be more superficial than expected, because the paint of the car is particularly robust, which testifies to the quality of its mark.

The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with 8 cameras

Model 3 is equipped with eight cameras that turn the vehicle into a surveillance machine. It is an exception in the automotive market from this point of view, and many others! Tesla cars also feature a powerful image processing system that provides 360-degree visibility, up to a distance of 250 meters.

This is an advantage that is not only useful against vandals of this kind, but also in everyday life where you risk having your paint scratched at any moment…

sentry mode

When the sentry mode of the parked Model 3 is activated, the car automatically records its surroundings as soon as its sensors detect someone or something approaching it. In fact, all the sensors are on alert in this mode: something to reassure Tesla owners who leave their most precious asset parked.

Sentinel mode feature also alerts Tesla owner real-time intrusion through a mobile app. This makes it possible to react as quickly as possible and to contact the authorities to remedy this unfortunate situation.

The only downside is that for extra security, sentry mode drains vehicle battery at a rate of 1.4 km of range for every hour it is activated.

File a complaint with a video of his Tesla?

According to the Washington Post video of the Tesla Model 3 cameras: “If someone damages or steals your car, all you have is a video of what is happening. » Not sure that this is indeed sufficient… Especially since it does not prevent the vandals from acting. An automatic call system redirected to the police could be considered.

However, some netizens note that this video may be enough to file a police report and claim compensation from your insurance. We imagine that it depends on the states and offers to which you have subscribed.

Note: In order to process all of its information, the Tesla on-board computer processes 40 times more data compared to the previous system. It controls the brand-driven neural network, which is the foundation of Autopilot development. Indeed, it is the improvement of the latter which allows the establishment of the Sentinel mode.

This system thus offers a perception of the environment infinitely superior to that of a driver, simultaneously monitoring all directions, on wavelengths imperceptible to humans. Hence the advantage of processing the images that are produced! So beware of the smart guys who would try to attack the Tesla.

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