A man drives his car into a restaurant in Marseille

The consequences could have been more serious, fortunately no victim is to be deplored.

Thursday evening, around 9:50 p.m., an individual ran into a Lebanese restaurant in the 9th arrondissement in Marseille, reports La Provence.

The maniac was not unknown to the establishment, since he had presented himself there a little earlier with completely incoherent remarks. The boss says he had threatened to “set on fire”.

“He had a joint in his hand and red eyes… Our customers were scared and left. We ourselves then preferred to enter the terrace, close the curtain, and exit from behind”he adds.

A decision that surely avoided a tragedy. Since the 38-year-old man’s car smashed the facade and furniture inside the restaurant.

Gone to buy a slice of pizza

After rushing into the establishment, the individual went to buy a slice of pizza, leaving his vehicle there. A car which, according to information gathered by our colleagues, had a false plate and had been declared stolen.

A passer-by had the good idea to remove the keys from the ignition. The madman was arrested and placed in a psychiatric hospital.


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