a little girl killed by stray dogs, the Web is indignant (PHOTO)

A very macabre fact. A 5-year-old girl was fatally attacked by stray dogs in the rural commune of Drarga, province of Agadir. This reopened the debate on the actions of the competent authorities to combat this phenomenon.

The drama took place on September 14. According to information circulating on social networks, the girl was in front of the family home when she was surrounded by a pack of stray dogs. The victim would have been attacked by the animals, according to these same sources.

The Voix d’Enfant association published a press release, of which Le Site Info has a copy, in which it expressed its indignation at the tragedy, calling on the competent authorities of the region to take action. The association said the situation is more than alarming in the Drarga region, as stray dogs are increasing at a worrying rate.

Reactions on the networks are divided between those who call for the castration of stray dogs, a more “humane” solution, while others simply call for their slaughter.


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