a Lidl employee sprinkles bleach on an unsold bin with a sordid inscription

The Lidl brand is currently in turmoil. In question ? A supermarket employee poured bleach on undamaged food items thrown into a trash can. It is a resident of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, in the province of Namur, who shared the photo to RTL Info. The photo shows unsold food next to a bottle of bleach that says ” Gets stinky ! “.

The resident alerted the Belgian media by accompanying his photo with the comment ” Ashamed “. He explains that he does not understand why the products were soiled in this way. He added in his message: The Lidl of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre dumps bleach so that no one can take any of the food ». An inappropriate behavior according to him, who wishes to recall ” what about times of crisisthey could make these items available to poorest. »

Unsold Lidl items sprayed with bleach in a bin

RTL Info contacted lidl in order to understand the reasons that led the teams to get rid of unsold items in this way. The sign said ” surprised “. Indeed, the latter conducts a strict policy against waste. She reports that unsold goods are not supposed to be thrown away. After internal verification, Lidl confirms that it is indeed a ” gesture ” from an employee of the Jemeppe-sur-Sambre store.

The discount chain added that it was a ” isolated incident “. The employee in question would therefore not have complied with the procedure put in place within the stores. RTL Info reports that action will be taken against him and that a reminder of the rules will be sent to all store staff. The media also reported the motives who pushed the employee to use bleach on unsold items.

Anti-waste measures implemented in Lidl stores

The employee explained that he wanted to push back the actions of a thief. He would have ” acted in response to thefts from this box for organic waste”. The employee here refers to a system set up by Lidl to recover a certain type of expired food. Indeed, these foods, which can no longer be eaten, are placed in a box to organic waste. These are then transformed into biogas. Lidl, however, claims not to excuse this action, but the distribution company would like to point out that ” the food found there is no longer suitable for consumption and may therefore represent a danger “.

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An action to repel the actions of a ” thief »

Faced with this event, Lidl wished to recall its anti-waste measures, implemented in all of its stores. The company has implemented a system oforder optimization. The idea is to best adapt to demand. Some prices are also discounted based on the expiration date. Two days before the latter, a 30% discount is granted. On the day, the goods are offered at the price of 50 cents for meat, fish and pastries. 20 cents for dairy products and packaged vegetables. And one euro for three-kilo boxes of fruit, vegetables and dry food.

Finally, products suitable for consumption are offered to the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, which collects them from Lidl’s distribution centres. The company states on its website that its operation ” Zero waste » has made it possible, in 2021, to avoid the waste of nearly 2,000 tons of products. The equivalent of 302,607 euros worth of foodstuffs was also donated to food banks. In France, ” L’‘0 Gaspi’ initiative in figures, it’s 14 million crates sold in stores, 70,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables saved from waste and 7 million euros donated to the Restos du Cœur between 2016 and 2020. “says Guillaume Calcoen, Executive Director Real Estate Lidl France in charge of solidarity projects.

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