A homeless man with cancer seeks a new family to take care of his dog after he leaves

Clifford Herbert is a homeless man from Fresno, California. He is 60 years old and has a heart full of love and kindness. He is looking for a family for his dog named Baby, as he has only weeks to live due to cancer that has spread to his brain. Herbert lost his job and his home in 2006 due to medical complications following a heart operation.

This man’s life has not been easy, but everything has improved since Baby appeared in his life about three months ago. He saved her and they have been inseparable ever since.

Clifford commented:

“She is my whole universe. She is my best friend. She protects me. »

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It was Jeenine-Lacette DShazer who heard about the man’s situation and decided to help him. She set up a GoFoundMe account to raise funds and is currently paying for food and a long-stay hotel for him and Baby so they can spend their last days together in comfort.

A man with cancer is looking for a new family to take care of his dog

When Jeenine-Lacette DShazer first found Baby and Clifford rocking her and trying to keep her warm, she provided him with dog food, toilet paper and a blanket.

The man’s gratitude and his touching story are the factors that influenced this woman’s decision to help him in his final weeks. Clifford’s wish is to find a warm and loving home for Baby.

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She wants to be able to continue supporting them with the hotel stay and for that she needs to raise at least $366 per week and a monthly amount around $1400.

The man is a guitarist, owned a garage and even worked in the agricultural sector for a while. Following surgery in 2006, he was plunged into an artificial coma. Currently he has a tracheostomy, can barely speak and communicates by means of pen and paper.

Jeenine-Lacette DShazer commented:

“We just need to fundraise for Cliff and Baby’s food and living expenses for the months of December and January. The goal is to find donors, trusted friends and visitors. Cliff will probably be gone by the end of January, so we also need a wonderful forever home for Baby by then. Cliff will want to meet with you and facilitate the transition of Baby’s care”.

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She added

“We paid for Baby’s security check with donations. She went to my own vet, Dr Whitney Janzen, at the Animal Medicine Clinic in the Tower district, and was spayed, had post-surgery observation, was vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and has been reviewed in general for a very reasonable price. »

Baby needs a new home with a forever family to give her love and support in this difficult situation where she must surely say goodbye to the first person in the world who has treated her with respect.

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