A family dish with sauce like at grandma’s

The basics of the family dish

Generous, comforting, easy to share, and no frills, the family dish is all of that! Capable of appealing to all generations, it can be vegetarian, meat, seafood or cheese. Whatever the recipe chosen, it must respect the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, to provide our body with all the energy it needs. Especially if there are children at the table who are growing and working out a lot.

The art of sauce

The sauce can sometimes impress. With many classic sauces such as wine sauce, Béarnaise, Mornay, Nantua, French cuisine has elevated sauce to a work of art. While some take long hours to get the right consistency – in the case of casseroles – others require less technique and are easy and quick to make.

The ingredients of pretty sauces

Coconut milk, whipping or vegetable cream, tomato coulis, broth, all these ingredients are an ideal working base for a gourmet sauce, to be prepared in record time. If we have more time, we trust the béchamel sauce and the roux, as the base of the sauce of our dish. To raise it, we trust the headliners: garlic, onion, spices, and aromatic herbs.

The sauce, the right consistency

The sauce is perfect when it’s not too runny or too thick – it’s not mashed – it should be smooth. Often, the sauce is the last thing you rectify before sitting down to eat. Yes, but here, how to catch up with my sauce if this is not the case?

My sauce is too liquid, what should I do?

You have added too much liquid to your pot and your sauce is too runny. The first thing to do is to remove the solid ingredients (cooked pieces of meat, vegetables, etc.) and leave only the liquid. Then push the heat to high so that the water evaporates and your sauce concentrates in taste and loses volume. Be careful, with this technique, it is imperative to watch your pot, to obtain the right consistency and not to burn your pot.

My sauce is too thick, what should I do?

By adding a little water, broth, or cream, in theory, the sauce should thin out and be runnier. But diluting with a liquid also dilutes the taste, so always taste at the end of preparation to check that the seasoning is still balanced.

Now that the sauce no longer holds any secrets for you, we can reveal our 20 favorite family dish recipes in sauce.

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