A driver kills Zacharie’s dog in front of him in Cuesmes and flees: “I heard the impact…”

It was in the rue de Frameries, in Cuesmes, that the tragedy occurred. Zacharie D’Adamo was walking with a friend. It was the daily evening ride for Athena. The young dog is not on a leash. “My friend was parked right outside my house. When I got back from the ride, I went home while my friend went to his car to retrieve his phone. My dog ​​thought she was going for a walk and followed him on the driver’s side,” explains Zacharie.

Here’s what happened next

“I heard the impact”: he testifies

Driver hit and run (details)

Zacharie has tried to find the vehicle, without success so far. Without his dog, Zacharie still finds it difficult to achieve.


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