A dog with special needs is desperate to find his forever family (video)

Adopting a dog is a decision that should never be taken lightly. Our 4-legged friends sometimes need such a special environment that it is difficult to find them a new home. Basher, a young Cane Corso, will experience this misadventure during his long-term stay in a British shelter.

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The story of Basher begins when he roams the streets of the county of Cornwallsouth-west ofEngland, when he is just a puppy. He was taken in by the shelter RSPCAwhere he will wait for his new family for about 2 years.

Illustration of the article: A dog with special needs despairs of one day finding his family for life (video)

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The shelter members wanted the Cane Corso, now 3 years old, be adopted by a local resident, in order to ensure the presence of their canine behaviorist and the local veterinarian. The reason ? Basher was not a pooch to adopt lightly… and his arrival in a new home required a lot of patience and precautions.

the Cane Corso had to be the only animal in the household, and not live with children. His weight of around sixty kilos and his boundless energy should ideally be managed by an experienced master comfortable with the breed.

Illustration of the article: A dog with special needs despairs of one day finding his family for life (video)

RSPCA Cornwall Branch/Facebook

To give him time to adjust to his new home, Basher also had to be in a place separate from the house on his arrival, such as a doghouse for example, provided that the garden was fenced (the dog is also a runaway). Except that, Basher was a kind and affectionate dog who would make the happiness of the masters who will take care of him.

The members of the shelter had taken the time to study the behavior of Basher, hence this long list of recommendations. The first adopters, last December, felt ready to meet his needs. But the Cane Corso will quickly damage their home, and will therefore have to return to the shelter…

A painful throwback

What a disappointment for Basher and the members of the shelter to have to retrace their steps…”The couple who took him in did their best for him, but he just couldn’t adjust to their home.“explains a member of the shelter on Facebook.

Pained by the course of the Cane Corso, the members of the shelter are doubly mobilized to find him a family for good. In the video above, a volunteer tells his story and introduces him to potential adopters, hoping that one of them will eventually come forward…

And those efforts paid off.

8 months after his unhappy return to the shelter, Basher finally seems to have found the family ready to welcome him permanently, to the delight of all.

The story of Basher had been followed for several months by the subscribers of the page Facebook of the RSPCA, and the volunteers therefore had to share this encouraging news with them. “I’m so delighted“, “I’m crossing my fingers that everything goes well“, “He deserves the best” we could read among the comments of the post above.

Patience is a tree whose root is bitter, and whose fruits are very sweet.. This Persian proverb sums up the story of Basher : the wait was long and marked by a hard blow, but he finally seems to have had the right to happiness.

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