A cat stuck on top of a bridge requires the intervention of firefighters

The embarrassment of this cat caused the concern of passers-by who could not help him. Firefighters from the Lehighton Brigade therefore sent their ladder truck to the scene to try to help him.

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The tabby feline got stuck at the top of the bridge Thomas J. McCall at Weissportin the Northeast of the United States. No one knows to this day how the cat got into this situation. Still, passersby did not hesitate for a second to contact the firefighters, who quickly went to the scene.

pat mrisschief of the brigade of lehightonrecounts the course of the operation to journalists from TimesNews : “We sent our ladder truck and staff to the area, and we had two different plans planned in case one didn’t work.Furthermore, firefighters could not anticipate the reaction of the animal, which may have been overcome with fear.

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Lehighton Fire Department/Facebook

A successful rescue thanks to professionals

Fortunately, the operation went without a hitch. “The cat was friendly, and we were able to easily save him” said pat mriss. In addition, the animal’s state of health was not of concern: “he just seemed a little worried“.

More fear than harm, therefore. Internet users did not hesitate to congratulate and thank the 17 firefighters mobilized for this rescue: “You are the best !“, “Thank you for your commitment“we could read among the comments of this publication.

The cat was then cared for by Carbon County Friends of Animals, a local shelter, who attempted to identify its owner. In the meantime, the members of the association took care of taking care of the animal and reassuring it following this misadventure which, fortunately, ends well.

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